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Danielle Santistevan

Danielle is an Arizona native who resides in the east valley with her husband Brandon and two identical Australian shepherds, Max and Ruby. She's passionate about healthcare and the youth. She has worked as an entry-level nurse in general pediatric medicine for several years. Danielle loves nursing so much that she will be graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December of 2023 to obtain a focused career in pediatric hematology and oncology. Her platform work is centered around education and advocacy for Childhood Cancer and illness. She is a spark change ambassador for the Glow Together Foundation where dedicated community leaders from across the country come together bringing awareness, service, and fundraising for the important causes that inspire the community and spark change. Her efforts are to ensure every child and parent is educated on the importance of physical and mental health and provide dignity, comfort, and necessary resources to thrive.

To schedule an appearance, contact:

Mrs. Arizona America Director

Diane Ritter


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