Kyra King

As Miss AZ for America, I am working to close the opportunity/achievement gap between student groups, by improving the school climate for underserved children, and by partnering with the YWCA and The Dept of Education’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Superintendent.  

My 5 point Equity in Education plan includes 1) Providing more trained mental health professionals at schools to support students and teachers, 2) Providing more professional development for faculty (bias training, social-emotional,etc.) 3) Recalibrating punitive disciplinary practices K-12,   4)  Facilitating parental outreach that encourages more involvement with their child’s education, and 5) Literacy and empowerment focus groups  

My goal is to be an example of resiliency, inspiring women- especially single moms, to pursue their dreams, in creating the life they desire despite the difficulties they’ve endured. 


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Diane Ritter

Director, Mrs. Arizona America


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