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Candace Decker

Candace grew up in the Big Sky country of Montana, hiking and fishing. This is where her love of nature and wellness was planted. In high school she cultivated a love of dancing into a four year cheerleading career, ultimately serving as the captain of her varsity cheer team. This was when she met her husband Josh, and a friendship was formed that has bloomed into a beautiful marriage. Candace and Josh eloped in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day 2013 and have two sons, Jace and Cash, whose names are both a combination of “Josh” and “Candace”. 


In 2015 Candace made a first birthday crown for Jace’s cake smash photos and loved it so much she started selling the crowns on Etsy. After two years, Josh was able to leave his job managing a Porsche dealership and join her in business. Together they have grown the company to now support their family and employ five additional women which allows them to peruse their shared passion of home renovation, remodeling numerous properties including one in Sedona. 


Candace volunteers with hospice patients weekly, and coordinates her family’s involvement with fundraiser runs to support a variety of local and national charities. The family has also found purpose in serving at Feed My Starving Children each month, as well as sponsoring a Peruvian family through She loves dark chocolate, aesthetic design, and all things travel!

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